You Rent a lot
more than a car

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You Rent a lot
more than a car

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Our core fleet is available from all location of New Delhi

Ludhiana Car Hire is a unit of Victoria Car Rental Pvt. Ltd. in India, which is offering car rental service, cab rental service, taxi rental service to NRI from Specially New Delhi Airport to all major city of Punjab







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You rent a lot more than a car

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All the rental cars are new and well maintained and are driven by highly experienced and very courteous chauffeurs.


  • 35tours
  • 24cities
  • 90hotels

One of the most fascinating aspects of Delhi is the "visibility" of its historic past.

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  • 58tours
  • 49cities
  • 70hotels

The holiest shrine for the Sikhs is the Golden Temple in Amritsar, so called because the dome is covered with gold leaf.

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  • 88tours
  • 10cities
  • 193hotels

Nainital drives its name from Naini lake which is a famous place for popular boating and lake.

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Budget Car

A premium Car rental company offers not just a car but a complete solution tailor-made to all your executive/guest transportation needs. The rates are kept at an Economical level.